Interior Settings :: Nicolette Smith

Posted on August 22 2017

When friends connect you with other creatives it makes the actual act of making photos with someone a little bit easier. While out in Miami for an event at the WPH Hotel I was able to get together with Nicolette Smith for a photo shoot. See it turned out we had a mutual friend in common that was kind enough to suggest we get together to see what we could come up with. 

Being that I had a pretty good room at the hotel it only made sense to make use of it, especially with the good light that was coming in. Now sometimes it can take a set or two to get an established work flow/vibe going with someone but in this case and given her profession as a working model we were able to get things going within this first set. 

Now I am always off the hip when it comes to my shoots meaning no "inspirational" photos or mood boards. Rather I just suggest who ever I am working with to come with what ever wardrobe they are inspired to shoot it. For this first set I loved the comfortable look of this sweater and bottoms that she decided to wear. Especially with the color palette of the room and our light it all came together well. 

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