In Her Place :: Shauna

Posted on September 23 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. I took some time off in Maui and am feeling charged up. Sometimes you just need to get away from day to day routines and Hawaii is definitely a place to do it. I will be posting a re-cap of the photos I got out there soon. 

I am currently in the Virgin America lounge getting ready to fly out to N.Y. this morning. I will be speaking at Photoville on behalf of Leica and needless to say I am excited. Never having been to Photoville before I am going to do my best to document the experience.

With New York on my mind I felt like sharing a set of photos I made with Shauna at her apartment in Brooklyn. I remember this being the first set of our shoot. This green sheet that was draped over her window caught my eye. Working as a back drop and a diffuser it played up well in the photos. Thats all for now, hope you enjoy the imagery! 

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