Impromptu :: Tee

Posted on January 08 2020

I know we are a week in to 2020 but Happy New Year everyone! To kick off the first set I am posting of the new year I felt it would be fun to share some images I made with Tee

Tee was someone I had the opportunity to shoot with recently. Demonstrating on how the universe works with connecting people it turned out she had seen the pictures I made with Nikki Blades. From there she had messaged me about possibly shooting. After a bit of some back and forth we set up an impromptu shoot at her place in Hollywood.

Shoots like these can either go good or be bad. There usually is no middle ground. Once meeting Tee I can tell she had some energy to her with her personality. The question was would it translate in front of the camera. 

Once we figured out wardrobe and where to shoot it started to click. For me it is always great to work with people who can bring a range to the shoot. Tee did just that. 

Hope 2020 is great for all of you and be sure to check out the full set below! 

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