Guessing with Linda Zhao

Posted on July 30 2018

I love the constant exploration of photography. To me it is art form that can grow with the individual. Which is why you see me delving into different types of techniques as well as subject matter. 

It is always a little funny when people ask me if I am still photographing models. My reply is usually yes with the informative explanation of that while I do continue to shoot with models I don't make it a point to expose that as my main subject matter. 

Rather I prefer to sit on the photos I make to let them marinate for bit to see how my approach may change toward developing them.

I felt like sharing a set of images I created with Linda Zhao on her visit to L.A. We did a few sets this day but her in the outfit of a Guess tank top and bikini bottom was the one I decided to go with for todays posting.

Just doing my best to utilize the natural light with her and the setting I wound up being very pleased with the results. Scroll below to see for yourself and remember to never let yourself be boxed into one type of subject matter. 

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