Flying High :: Oahu

Posted on August 29 2017

It is easy to get caught up in the fast pace of this thing called life. So much so that I completely forgot about this aerial set I shot while visiting Oahu some months back. It is not that I didn't think I got some good shots this day, it really just came down to once getting back to L.A. and getting consumed in day to day living.

Lucky for me I got reminded about these photos while digging through folders for a project. This was my first time doing a helicopter ride around the island. While I have gotten the chance to visit Oahu a few times over the past couple of years to see it from 1,500 feet was really awesome. Especially to be able to go around the whole island. It is a definitely a beautiful place for a lot of reasons. Going through this set makes me want to go back. Hopefully sooner than later. 


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