Flying High :: Maui

Posted on October 03 2016

I have finally touched down back in L.A. The past couple of weeks have definitely been a hectic 14 days. Having only been home for a total of 48 hours in that time frame it feels good to know I am back in the city of Angels for a bit. 

This time is now giving me a chance to properly go through my photos to share with all of you. This segment I have been pretty excited to get to. While in Maui,HI on a family trip I go the chance to do some aerial photography on this beautiful island courtesy of Maverick Helicopters. I guess to be technical we did fly over Lanai & Molokai. We took off from Maui so I am sticking with that. 

The flight itself was amazing. Having already flown over some major cities here in the states it was another thing to by flying out there. It felt more like I was in the Jurassic period than on a vacation at this point. To see so many amazing waterfalls,hill sides so lush with vegetation,cliffs as well as true blue ocean.... it was a lot to take in. I pulled some selects to share what I experienced with you, but to be honest the photos don't do what you truly see justice. 

If you find yourself in Maui do yourself a favor and hit up Maverick for a ride. The visuals and memories you are gonna take with you are priceless. 

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