Flashback :: Softest Hard & Julie Sumire

Posted on December 23 2016

As we are coming closer and closer to wrapping up 2016 I like to take a look back at some of the photo sets I haven't gotten around to processing. I love letting the photos sit, I feel when I approach them at a later point my eyes see them differently than if I were to start editing them the day after. This is my way of combating this instant world we are living in. 

I decided to look back to December of last year and came across this set I had made with Softest Hard & Julia Sumire. I don't really photograph two girls often if at all and it is simple because I feel if you are to do this then their should be some sort of friendship or appreciation for each other. I remember when I had photographed Julia prior to this night I felt her and Softest would click. They ended up connecting during Julia's stay in L.A. and quickly became friends. Which made sense for all of us to get together this night and shoot. 

Easily it was distinguished that the vibe between them translated through my lens. The setting was a burger shack out here in the valley. I had been eyeing up this place at night and I felt it would be great for these two. My thought process was to make frames that looked like they could have been pulled from a movie of some sort. 

Needless to say I love the playful innocence that comes through in these photos. And as the saying goes better late than never. Sorry it took so long Softest & Julia, I hope you two enjoy the set! 

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