Finally :: Hattie Watson

Posted on October 02 2019

Continuing this exploration of looking at photos I have had sometime away from to finally share I realized I wanted to dive into this photo set I had made with Hattie Watson. 

We had made this set almost 2 years ago while I was on a trip to Portland. I remember most of the images below were shot with Ferrania P30. A film stock I had picked up from Blue Moon Camera up there. Granted I had no personal experience of how these photos would render I was excited to see the outcome.

I had rented a room at the Ace downtown. This was in November which meant the weather was a little less than ideal if you like to work with daylight. But fortunately the room was all white and with having Hattie wear these black tights and the shadows we were getting it worked in the favor or some beautiful contrast. 

Again taking the time to sit and understand my photography continues to feel more progressive to me than just rushing in to post. Thank you again Hattie for taking the time to make these photos with me. I hope you all enjoy the set! - SV

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