Exterior Settings :: Nicolette Smith

Posted on October 09 2017

Whenever I have the opportunity to work with a model (especially when I am out of town) I try to take notes of some surrounding exterior settings to use for our shoots. Hotel rooms are great and all but it is just nice to get out and put some existing backdrops to some good.

While in Miami some friends of mine had shown me these cool handball courts that were  not too far from my hotel. It had this faded light blue coloring with some good light falling on it mid afternoon. While shooting with Nicolette Smith at my suite we decided to venture out to shoot at this location. 

The lighting was pretty interesting. While trying to make use of the harsh shadows falling in I found it more interesting when I noticed that the concrete was acting as a bounce board adding a cool look to the highlights. It felt a lot like we were utilizing an outdoor studio. I hope this set serves as a reminder to always create outside the box when you can. In this case the box is a reference to a hotel room. 


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