Downtown and Out :: Monica Alvarez

Posted on December 20 2016

When renting out locations ( such as the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles ) it doesn't hurt to be aware of the surrounding environment. While it is great to make use of a desired interior it is good to be able to just step outside to create an additional photo set if desired. 

I did just that when Monica Alvarez and I were shooting together in DTLA on one of her L.A. visits. Given that I frequent the streets of this area often for shooting it only made sense for use to cruise around and see what we came up with. While this night was a cold one I think Monica's jacket worked out not only for the photos but for her warmth too. 

One of the reasons I love being able to shoot with her is that her will to create is always prominent, that and the ability to always have a smile on her face when doing so. We strolled the surrounding blocks of the hotel making use of whatever backdrops caught my eye. All in all just a fun time creating with a good friend. Enjoy!

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