Digesting Architecture with the Leica TL2

Posted on July 24 2018

Living in a city like Los Angeles it is hard to let architecture that exists within it to go unnoticed. I was recently asked by Leica Camera USA about trying out their TL2 camera to see what I thought about it. 

I was fortunate enough to have had the chance to use the first generation T when it launched 4 years ago. Since then I have kept my eye on the advancement of this camera to what it is today. 

While it was a very common opinion that there were some hiccups with the original launch (mainly software) it was undeniable that the design of the camera body along with the optics showed people there was a something unique here. 

As soon as I had the TL2 in my hand I definitely noticed that this was a whole new camera. Yes the body and lens designs remained the same but the responsiveness of this camera had vastly improved since I last shot with it. 

Aside from great software updates the new sensor inside really impressed me. The original was a 16mp and now it is a 24mp in the TL2. The files I got blew me away to be honest

Even though I prefer a full frame sensor the aps-c one in this camera really impressed me. Color renderings were spot on as well as the depth and sharpness to the photographs. Noticing these details I decided to go out and shoot some architecture downtown as well as some frames of the performing arts center in Northridge. 

Now I am by no means touting this as a review of the TL2 but rather just a quick reference to my impressions of its updates as well as my experience using it. Enjoy! 

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