Classic :: Natalya

Posted on August 31 2018

This post is a fun one. I decided to mix a few mediums together to create this set from when I shot with Natalya. The photos below are a mixture of polaroid, Hasselblad 203fe and my Leica S 007.

This was our second time getting together to shoot. After our first day of shooting I noticed Natalya has this classic look.... timeless if you will. I decided it would be fun to do something simple but that could carry over this feeling into our photographs. With the make up artist adding some red lips along with a cool cardigan and an old fashion coke bottle we decided to see what we would come up with.

With the time being golden hour we had some great warm light falling on her during this shoot. I immediately was drawn to the macro shots of her improving with the straw to the soda along with the shadows that were present. 

In the end I love the idea of making pictures that they in themselves can be timeless. To be appreciated years to come, not just merely in the moment. Thank you again Natalya for creating some more classic images and I hope you all enjoy the set below.


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