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Posted on January 07 2019

Wardrobe can play just as big of a role as the person wearing it. Some people are more comfortable in just their own skin and some need an interesting piece of clothing to excite them. I would say Hattie Watson is great balance of both. 

I remember when she came by my hotel in Portland to shoot she showed up in this all black outfit with a cool beret. Something about it grabbed me and I immediately said we should start off the shoot in this! 

If you are a fan of Hattie's then chances are you have seen some amazing suggestive modeling work she has done in the past. I thought it would be interesting to see what we could create with this outfit. Once getting back to L.A. and getting the film developed I was really really happy with the results. 

I feel we had made photos that have a feeling of timelessness which is something I try to strive to when making photos. Not for the now but for the long haul. And the set of images below is another demonstration of Hattie's range within her modeling. She has also continues to build an amazing body of work as a photographer and I am sure understanding the dynamics of being in front of the camera has definitely helped with her translating what she sees through her lens. 

Enough writing for now. Enjoy the photos! 

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