CineStill x Slayer

Posted on July 30 2018

I have been playing catch up over the past few months with my scanning. Between re-scanning my film catalogue from a decade plus as well as new stuff it has definitely been a bit time consuming.... but well worth it. 

While out in Minneapolis for a trip a couple of months ago I had the opportunity from a good buddy of mine Randy to be able to check out a show Slayer was doing at the Armory. I have definitely been a fan of some of theirs over the years but I wouldn't call myself a die hard fan... meaning I have never seen them live prior to this night.

But I thought it would be a great experience to see such a legendary band play in person as well as an opportunity to take some CineStill 800t out for the night. I just brought my M7 to shoot them so there was no digital opportunities. The process was really enjoyable being that I got to take in their performance as well as make photographs. 

Check out the set below and a big thank you again to Randy! I really appreciated this night, it was definitely a good one! 


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