Between the Lines :: Andrea DoSouto

Posted on June 26 2019

Not often but every once in a long while I happen to find myself making photos with someone who not only can do modeling if they wanted to but are talented photographers as well.

This is the case with todays photo set I am sharing. Below are some images I got to make with Andrea DoSouto at her home in Los Angeles. She and I had crossed paths in L.A. multiple times since 2012/13 I want to say. Having friends in the same circles as well both being photographers along with seeing each other on the streets of downtown our encounters were pretty frequent.

We have kept up over the years via messages and conversations mostly about photography but I was surprised one day when she suggested we shoot together. While I have admired her style and thought it would be fun to make photos for her I for some reason just never brought it up. 

There is something to be said about working with someone who has a comprehension of what it is like to not only be in front of the camera but behind it as well.

While at her apartment she suggested shooting in one of her rooms that gets amazing light. At that moment it wasn't hitting just yet due to clouds so we went ahead and made some other sets. But by the time we were later in the afternoon the light was falling through the window creating some amazing lines from her blinds. Not wanting to waste anytime I loaded my MP with some Kodak BW 400cn. I loved the results we achieved with this set. 

Thank you again Andrea for inviting me into your home and for making some great photos with me! 

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