ATL Aerials

Posted on February 04 2019

With the recent Super Bowl event that just went down in Atlanta and all of the news coverage of the city it got me inspired to finally dig into my aerial shots I got to do while out there visiting family a couple of months ago. 

I love having the ability to continue to do some aerial work in new cities. Interpreting the landscape from above is an amazing challenge especially when you have to do it on the fly. 

For this set I went up with a few cameras namely my Monochrom 246, an MP loaded with Ilford hp5 and a fuji gw645 with acros. 

While on the ground the landscape of Atlanta can feel vast at times but in the sky I soon noticed a very compact metropolitan area. Beyond the city was a lot of flat land so it was all on understanding the layout of the city and how to shoot it. 

It wasn't like a grid layout in N.Y. or L.A. Rather it had these cool curves from the freeways to the streets running in between the buildings. On our way back to the airport we flew over a great train yard where the tracks reminded me the layout of the downtown area.

I am gonna try to dig into my color shots for a later bonus post but for now enjoy the set below! 

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