Aerial Manuvers :: Chasing Marine Layer

Posted on June 12 2017

 There is a saying this time of year in L.A. that goes June gloom. This is due to the fact we get weeks at a time where there is so much overcast/marine layer that your hardly see the sun. It is a nice time of year since in the next month or so things warm up with that summer heat. 

But if you have ever been over by the Santa Monica mountains when this marine layer rolls in then you know it is a truly beautiful thing to witness. With us having a pretty good June gloom last week I went up in the sky with my buddy Copter Pilot for a helicopter ride to go try and see what we can photograph of this. 

Taking off from the valley we flew on over and we found ourselves with some damn good timing. Just as the golden hour was kicking in so was the marine layer. Rolling over the mountains like water into the valleys. It was really amazing to photograph from that high up. I had been on the mountains before during this but to see it from 1,500 feet and up was something else. Below are some images from this day. I hope you enjoy them! 

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