A night at The Standard :: Lyssa Roberts

Posted on May 26 2020

Well hello again. It goes without saying that the last few months have been one hell of a ride. While it feels like we are all having a better sense of understanding of the current events it is still taking some adjusting to the new norm.

I took some time over the past few months to collect thoughts and emotions as well as just to sit back and look how to move forward with this.

Something tells me a lot of you went through similar motions. For myself I have come to my own conclusion of that while yes things are not going to be the "same" for awhile it doesn't mean we should stand still and wait for it. 

I am thankful that aside from having family and friends around but to have things that serve as an amazing release and outlet such as going skateboarding and especially photography. 

While the idea of meeting up with people to photograph for model shoots doesn't seem likely for a little bit I am thankful to still have some works that I had yet to release. Giving me the opportunity to look through them as well as the understanding that I need to stop sitting and start sharing my work more often. One of the results of having a lot of time to sit with your own thoughts. 

I felt like sharing this set I had shot with Lyssa Roberts awhile before society shifted gears. This was one of our last sets from this day at The Standard Hotel in Hollywood. Something grabbed me when looking at what sets to process next, I think the illumination of the lamp with her gave me an identifiable relation to the loneliness that some of us have experienced recently. Along with her range given in the photographs it sparked me to put this set together. 

So lets all keep moving forward and keep creating. Hope you enjoy the photos. 

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