'89 Ektachrome with Anel

Posted on April 27 2019

Happy Saturday everyone! I woke up and felt inspired to dig into this little set of images I had made with Anel on some expired Ektachrome from 1989! Now if you know slide film doesn't usually hold up well when it is expired (see original scan below). It can tend to have a purplish tint to it. Something I didn't know when I had bought some from a local camera store out here. I figured it would be fun to experiment with and it definitely was a lesson learned!

While the texture of older film is usually something beautiful the discoloring on the other hand can be taken a couple of ways. Some might prefer it and want to leave it as is. I opted to try to restore as best as I can. Now I don't tout myself as a master photo restorer by any means but it was definitely fun to explore the process of this. I mean to me that is the great part of photography is that you never really are done learning due to the wide range of things one can explore wether it is making the photo or processing it. 

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