800t :: Gianna Dior

Posted on October 26 2018

I have been sitting on the follow set of images for a bit now. Gianna Dior's agent had contacted me a couple of months back about shooting with her. He has a pretty good track record on people he has referred to me so I agreed. 

Gianna and I had a cool house in the Hollywood Hills to work with for our shoot. While it did get some amazing daylight filling it up there was this one room I had my eye on shooting in. Covered with a quirky wall paper and one hanging lamp I had a feeling it would assist in creating some photos with a different feel from my normal works. 

I decided to make these photos with some CineStill 800t film given the lighting conditions I was working with. For a lens I opted for my 50mm 0.95 dream lens to help with the low light. Once I was able to get the negatives back and scanned in I was really pleased with the results which are below for you to check out. Thanks again Gianna! I hope you enjoy the flicks.

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